Ecuador Day One (and happy thanksgiving)

back in August we had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Ecuador, South America to shoot a wedding for some very dear friends.  We were there for a week and we took nearly 5,000 photos of things other than the wedding.  The country is absolutely gorgeous.  We have been so busy since we got back that we haven't had a chance to touch any of the photos... until today.  Thanksgiving has allowed me to work on my own project for once =)  And so i sorted through the photos from day one, which we spent in Quito, Ecuador.  Enjoy the photos (lots more to come... who knows when) and enjoy Thanksgiving:

Oh yeah... and the things i am thankful for today:
-Jesus, Lover of my soul
-Sarah Beth, my soul mate
-Crew Community Church
-new studio space
-mashed potatoes
-pumpkin pie!

and YOU.


Jacob and Andrea (engagements)

This couple is going to be one beautiful married couple and we cannot wait to shoot their wedding in December.  Two amazing people:


Rusty and Juliana (engagements)

We shot these photos at Twin Falls State Park down in southern West Virginia.  Rusty and Juliana even put us up for the night in a little cabin at the park... which was a very welcome reprieve.  We had such a wonderful evening with these two and cannot wait for the wedding next June.


happy ANN-I-VER-SARY_YYYYYYY... to me (and my wife...)

One year ago today i married the woman of my dreams.

i wrote her these words:

With words I sell you short of all the honor you deserve
For I would praise you for eternity and still not find the verse I wish to say

Everything I ever dreamed of. More than dreams could make me see
So far past my imagination’s furthest reaches could extend

Beside you I find reality is sweeter, than my mind could comprehend
To see the world through your eyes is to see it as it truly is

Awe inspired by your beauty deeper still within my soul
While you send my heart beat racing past the corners of the open sky

Your touch: I’m filled by the truest peace, engulfed with sheer excitement
And your lips send weakness coursing through my knees

You have outshined every woman in this world around this globe
Filled my heart to overflowing with your presence in my life

In you I find more wonder than all the galaxies combined
A million lifetimes worth of sunsets could never match your beauty still

Your soul is filled with goodness pure
  Your mind filled with extraordinary art
    Your belly with intoxicating laughter
      And your backbone with a quiet solid strength

Your eyes are filled with gentle peace
  Your mouth with truth that deeply cares
    Your ears filled with real compassion
      And your heart with faith unswerving to the core

Your legs are filled with urges of excitement
  Your feet filled with adventures far and near
    Your arms are filled with streams of revolution
      And you hands with ceaseless tenderness and love

The rest of who you are completes the full seduction of me
Your lips, your breast, your cheeks, your every curving inch cries out to me

I must taste your every part and become one with you for all of time
But to drink in all of you alone will satisfy my longing heart

Only in forever do I find the time for my souls yearning plead
To know you in the deepest parts, this is my only wish

And you and you alone are worth an infinite forevers 
More precious than air to my lungs and blood to my heart which now you own

You are my everything… your beauty eons far beyond realms of my belief
And your soul is far more valuable than any earthly wealth that can be found

And you are mine

and two became one.

and you think you know what love is, but time is teaching it to you still.

There is no end to its growth.  
And every day has not been easy... but they have each been more satisfying than the next.  
And to know that a woman can lay grasp to all of your affections in such a short time.
and become, save Christ alone, the highest aim of all your love.

i love you,
daughter of God

Sarah Beth... 

i will love you until death and then forever


i could eat you up... i love you so

one year ago, right now, i was bowling with my best friends... with thoughts of my wife-to-be dancing through my head...

tonight, i spent the evening with this woman that filled my head and realized, yet again, how deeply she fills my soul.

i could eat you up... i love you so! =)


08.08.09 - David and Beth - wedding

At the beginning of August, God blessed us with an amazing opportunity to travel to Ecuador, South America (photos of the trip coming soon).  We traveled with our best of friends to spend a week in Quito and Shell and shoot a wedding the following weekend.  This was such an extraordinary adventure for Sarah Beth and i.   The beauty was out of this world and God's face was everywhere as always.

Oh... and the wedding... David and Beth are two fabulous, God loving folks, who are giving their lives for His glory in Ecuador.  This wedding was beautiful from start to finish.

The official marriage happened, legally, friday night, after the rehearsal.  And they were married before God and their family and friends the following day on the edge of the Amazon Jungle, in a little town called Shell.  Photographs:


July - Lake Murray, SC - Vacation (with friends)

Two of our newest and best friends got married in July.

Meet J.D. and Kristin:

God has blessed us with some of the most wonderful people in the world as friends.  These are two of those people.  These are two of the most genuinely wonderful people you will ever meet.  We go to church with them and they are a part of our small group bible study.  They are the definition of the word awesome.

Anyway, in July, after their wedding... they invited us to share a week with them in South Carolina at Lake Murray.

a small house, 30 feet from the water.
speed boats and party floats.
swimming and tubing.
berkley hats and diapers.
mouth watering food.
bob marley and grape "kool-aid".
sun drenched conversation.
two tons of smiles.
and enough relaxation to renew any soul.
oh... and ducks.


l'chaim (to life).